About Michelle House

Michelle is a printed textile artist and designer based in South London. She gained her degree in textiles at Goldsmiths College, and received a Crafts Council 'Setting Up Grant' in 1996.

Michelle produces one-off painted and printed textile panels, wall hangings and large site-specific pieces, as well as designing limited-edition digital giclée prints.

Her work is inspired by patterns, textures, reflections and forms found in urban and natural landscapes, the bringing together of different textured fabrics, by colour and by her love of the printing process.

Snapshots are edited, enlarged and abstracted, then joined with carefully selected floating forms or motifs, and flowing lines that wind their way over the surface, passing through and connecting imagery and contrasting fabrics.

Vibrant colours such as limes, acid yellows and burnt oranges, are applied as painted textures or printed flat colour onto heavy, coarse linen, smooth flat sateens, textured silks and dense wool flannels.

Michelle’s work is often created as a group of hangings or panels. Two or more pieces will be worked on side-by-side, during which time drawing, and the cutting and laying out of paper stencils form an important part of the process - allowing the pieces to develop and evolve on the print table.

Michelle’s work is equally suited to homes and businesses and has been commissioned and bought by clients such as, the Peter Jones department store, Broomfield Hospital, Hove Polyclinic (South Downs NHS Trust), Paintings In Hospitals, Davis Polk Wardwell (Paris), Kysen Design, Logica, Safeways, Myhotel Bloomsbury, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and Kit Kemp (design director and co-owner of Firmdale Hotels) amongst others.

She has exhibited widely at galleries within the UK, including Collect at the Saatchi Gallery, and a solo show at the Bankfield Museum Halifax in 2002. Internationally she has participated in exhibitions in Poland, the Netherlands and at the SOFA show in Chicago. She is a member of Contemporary Applied Arts, Design Nation and the 62 Group of textile artists; all of whom show her work either through exhibitions or on their websites.